Month: February 2008

No Hope

There is no hope for a heart that will not open to God. There is no reprieve, no forgiveness, no future, no present, no love. There is no grace for a heart that will not grasp the grace offered. There […]

Joy Ride

Swept away with a current of childhood joy, I returned to my city of birth. The sea that at times gently strokes her shores and at other times buffets her sands, beckoned to me with memories of youth. I immersed […]

The Art of Loneliness

We were not created to be alone. That is not to say that being alone at times is not refreshing. Sometimes to have the noise of our lives turned down or off is a real energy saving measure with consequences […]

Valentine’s Day

Cyber Cafe Beau She’s in loveWith her “CCB”Rip-stop pants“Save the Wildlife” tee Sipping his latteHe connects to the netSurfing in c-spaceGot his “apple” all set She’s enamored, beleagueredWith her beau on his wayTo nowhere, not leavingHe’s stationed all day Just […]

Missing Church

Saturday afternoon, post-movie daze and I get sick! The flu, or goo, or who knows what assualts me with a temperature, chills and headache. I thought, “Wow, I can’t be getting sick, can I?” And sure enough, I fall into […]