Month: March 2008

One-sided love

The band, downdowndown, sings in their recent song, PROPAGANDALOVE, “Who wants a non-existent, pretend, one-sided love?” After lifting this angst enveloped statement to the sky, the singer confesses, “I do.” We all want to be loved. We all need to […]

Back from the South

I arrived Friday back to the United States from my little junket down south. Hours on an airplane, in row 43, recovering from 3 days of a more southern version of Montezuma’s, was almost too much for the aging hulk […]

Argentina and the sport

I say “the” sport because I have forgotten how rabid this area of the world is in regard to soccer. There is a soccer game on the television every day, all day long. People are always talking about their team […]

Trip to Argentina and Uruguay

I will be visiting el cono del sur starting today joining Real Salt Lake on their preseason training there. I hope to be enjoying some asado like no other and some “yerba mate.” I also will take a few days […]