Month: July 2008

The Reason for Joy

This little critter cheers my soul. She has capture my heart and I may not ever return to normal. Is it even a question that she is a member of my family? I think the outfit gives it away (half […]


I have been watching my grand-daughter for the last several weeks while my daughter goes to a summer class in the evenings. I have forgotten how intense it is to care for a little critter who is unable to do […]

Summer Morning

There is something idyllic about summer mornings. The heat of the mid-day and late afternoon are only a hint at 8 am. Their omnipresent sun are not even felt at that hour. The trees in my yard block its rising […]


I was born in the USA and I am thankful for the blessing that has been to me personally. Those of us who have this privilege should know what we really have. We have been given, by God’s grace, a […]


Today I celebrate ten years of service as one of the pastors in my church. In the last ten years many things have happened, not happened and sort of happened. I know that sounds like a very ambiguous statement, but […]