Month: January 2015

Community Bible Experience: Day 20

We are halfway to completing our reading through the New Testament! Where is the Sousa marching band music? No matter, we have come a long way to accomplishing our goal and that is awesome! Not only is it awesome to […]

Community Bible Experience: Day 19

We are approaching the halfway point in our challenge to begin this year reading through the entire New Testament. I don’t know about you, but for me this has been a great reminder of the wonder of God’s word and […]

Community Bible Experience: Day 18

Today we continued our journey through the New Testament as we read two of my favorite books: Ephesians and Philemon. They are dear to me for very different reasons. Ephesians is dear to me, because within its context is one […]

Community Bible Experience: Days 16 & 17

Ok, I’m sorry. Life happened yesterday. I did my reading and then jumped into a day of ministry that, honestly, left me without any time to write my little notes for our reading. I promise, this will probably happen again. […]

Community Bible Experience: Day 15

I woke up this morning thinking that I was going to have to reading the whole book of Romans. I thought, man how am I going to do that in one sitting and either have trouble staying awake or have […]