Month: February 2015

Community Bible Experience: Days 34 & 35

Today we finish the 7th week of reading the New Testament, leaving us only one more week to complete our challenge of starting out 2015 with reading the whole New Testament. It has been a great experience so far and […]

Community Bible Experience: Day 33

Today we arrive at Thirty Three days of reading the New Testament. Awesome! This is quite an accomplishment and one that leaves us with only 7 more days of reading before we complete the whole New Testament. Yeah! And, as […]

Community Bible Experience: Day 32

Today we read the entire book of 2 Peter. This was one of those readings that flew by (of course the book is only three chapters long). Nevertheless, It was nice to have a shorter length of reading today, after […]

Community Bible Experience: Day 31

To me it’s as clear as glass Well here we are on the last two weeks of reading in our Community Bible Experience. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Beside getting to the end of […]

Community Bible Experience: Day 30

Sorry for the delay of a day, but sometimes a day off needs to be a day off. Today’s reading (really yesterday’s reading) was the second half of the book of Mark. As I said in my last post, Mark […]