The Unveiled Worshipper

Here is the fifth devotion I wrote after I read the book entitled, “The Unquenchable Worshipper: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship,” by Matt Redman.  I hope this blesses you.

The Unveiled Worshipper…has been to the mountain and has come back transformed. Like Moses (Exodus 34), the transformation is so profound that everyone notices. Because of the intimacy of this appointment with God, he comes back radiant, glowing, and different to the point of other-worldly. The crowd cannot handle the transformation of the Unveiled Worshipper, so they hide from his presence until he covers his face to hide the remnant of his moment with God. They fear the transformation of the glory of this radical revelation of the King of the Universe. And yet, we are called to that level of intimacy in our worship. Our God asks His children to draw near, connect, revere, fear and be transformed. Some of that seems contrary to intimacy, but the ones who know God, may have gone to the mountain without a clue, but they never come down the same. The Unveiled Worshipper may walk into his appointment of intimacy with God, but he often finds himself on his knees or on his face.

The Almighty does that to all who would enter this Holy place. And yet, He again commends us to come, to see, to connect and be transformed. Why? Because God wants His worshippers to look like His Son (see 2 Corinthians 3:18). He wants us to know Him so well, so intimately, so closely, that we take on His glory. This can only happen when nothing stands between us, no ulterior motive, no selfish desire, no veil on our face!


O Lord God, to You who resides in unapproachable light and yet bids us come to You, grant us the privilege of intimacy with You that transforms us so much that the world cannot miss Your Glory on our faces. May we worship You so openly that we are forever changed into the image of Your Son in Whose Name we pray, Amen.

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  1. Thank you, JP,
    I would love to read that book. Will try to get it. But, I loved the devotion you wrote and appreciate your leadership in leading us to God’s Word and His bidding for us to come to Him. Just thank you for being a faithful compassionate leader.
    My prayer after reading this is for God to keep “transforming me into His likeness” that others will be blessed and attracted to Jesus.
    BLESSINGS, JoAnne McPhail

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