The Unsatisfied Worshipper

This is the ninth devotion that I am sharing with you concerning the book, “The Unquenchable Worshipper: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship,” by Matt Redman. I hope it blesses you.

The Unsatisfied Worshipper…knows and loves Jehovah Jireh, the Provider God, who satisfies our every need and stands by our side in every circumstance. And although this worshipper knows this truth intimately, he remains “unsatisfied” in the context of this side of heaven…”we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face.” There remains in this worshipper’s heart a holy tension of knowing there is always more. This tension manifests itself through three unresolved facets.

The first facet is the Unsatisfied Worshipper’s thirst for another glimpse of our Holy God. This worshipper has tasted “the heavenly gift” and he wants more. He knows through the walk of a faithful follower that God is real, He cares, He Hears, He responds and the worshipper wants more. Yet he or she, however, inherently knows that they cannot see more than God is to reveal in any moment, thus they remain unsatisfied.

The second facet is the Unsatisfied Worshipper’s longing to be whole in a fallen and broken world. No one can deny that utter lack of wholeness in our daily lives, homes, work, culture and the planet in general. We scratch and claw for a place of peace, rest and completion as persons, but we only receive snippets of it experientially. The Unsatisfied Worshipper is a paradigm of “frail strength,” longing for the prize of being completely empowered and knowing we remain fragile and needy, thus unsatisfied.

The third facet of the Unsatisfied Worshipper’s tension is that he or she knows that this world is not their home. This worshipper looks at the lostness in the world and is not satisfied with another soul going to hell without coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. They rest in their salvation, their relationship with God, but refuse to be pleased with this knowledge in light of others who have not come to that place. Their “hearts ache to usher in God’s kingdom into these situations,” thus are unsatisfied.


O God, this tension should make us appreciate You more and desire to quench our thirst for You, become what You would have us to be and see the world come to the joy that is only found in Your Son. May we remain Unsatisfied Worshipper’s in action until we see You “face to face.” In that blessed name of Christ. Amen

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