The Undivided Worshipper

This is the eighth devotion that I am sharing with you concerning the book, “The Unquenchable Worshipper: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship,” by Matt Redman. I hope it blesses you.

The Undivided Worshipper…will not allow anything to derail him or her from worshipping the One, True, Living, Almighty God. This worshipper is focused and ready to not only defend this sacred ground, but to also clear a path for its continuance going forward in their life. This type of worshipper is singularly happy to be at the feet of Jesus and all distraction is cleared out of the way so they may remain there.

Without a doubt in our culture today we are bludgeoned regularly by an onslaught of background noise clamoring for our attention. Whether it is the constant sound of a television broadcast, radio program, computer music, phone reminders, texts, posts, calls, “muzak” or any other digital bombardment, we are constantly under attention-seeking attack. In fact, we are shocked that somehow there isn’t a soundtrack for our very own life experiences. All of the above (and more) are trying their best to take our focus off of the Lord and away, anywhere, whether on purpose or not.

The Undivided Worshipper has no recourse. If they desire to remain undivided, then they must “protect and defend.” This two prong strategy is first defensive. The worshipper understands that when he or she is at worship that they are on Holy Ground; a ground that must be defended from all distraction. This defensive posture is easy when we first come to know our King. As all new lovers know, the first days are so intoxicating that NOTHING can come between them and their beloved. And nothing will, because they defend through constant focus on their loved one. This, of course is more difficult when the relationship grows older and demands, then, constant vigilance. As we mature in Christ, “going to the mountain” with singular purpose of worship, becomes harder and harder to accomplish. Yet, we must.

The second prong in the strategy is more subtle. It is an outward, attacking strategy that recognizes the wiles of the enemy. So often we want to name just one facet of this enemy, Satan, as the prime suspect; but our enemy is also the world’s system and our very own flesh. This second prong is about clearing the path ahead as we seek our Lord in worship. Knowing we will be assaulted should help us to till the weedy ground before us, as the psalmists says in Psalm 37:3, with an attitude that cultivates “faithfulness.” If we keep our house in order and tend our gardens well, we will worship in security and eat of His goodness (I am speaking of undivided focus, not personal, physical safety).


O Lord Jesus, You know our frame, our penchant for distraction and frailty of focus. Help us, dear Savior, make You the constant object of our worship. May we tend to what You have given us in such a way that NOTHING comes between us. Help us to “come back to the heart of worship” which is in You and You alone. In Your most Precious Name. Amen

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